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haiyan with the 195- mile an hour winds is an estimate, satellite estimates because we don't have the same technology tracking this storm that we do in the united states, but we can compare it to typhoon tip in 1979 with 190- mile an hour winds. in 2005 hurricane wilma the same year as katrina, so we definitely have had some strong storms, but this looks like it might be strongest storm ever on record as far as wind speeds are concerned. >> that's truly some awe inspiring power. >>> a man work being at a montgomery county middle -- working at a montgomery county middle school now faces charges of being a peeping tom. the man is josh greenberg, 28 years old and apparently police say he peered into the window from a staff office into a girl's locker room. >>> prosecutors in montgomery county express concerns about a vocal coach who was just convicted of a sex crime. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in gaithersburg where montgomery county prosecutors are concerned that a well known private voice coach who was convicted yesterday of molesting a 13-year-old student may still be in contac
don't want to go into states where they were already working. a couple big insurance providers is big and anthem has been big in virginia. they were already selling medicaid plans to people in the rural areas, lower income people. they were willing to jump on to the exchange. >> what about d.c. and maryland? they both have their own exchanges they have set up and people can sign up for insurance through. >> there are a number of plans. they weren't huge, but they were competitive. we show 32, 35, 42 or so in those two areas and that's quite good. and there's pretty good number of insurers per area and that's the big thing that so many insurers have been so careful about. that the fact that maryland and d.c. attracted the number that they did was impressive. >> one of the things you reported on that varied across the country was how many platinum opportunities there were for people. platinum for people who are still learning is the most expensive sort of healthcare coverage in the jewelry world and goes down. do we know when people are signing up which plans they are picking? are th
. >> you don't know. >> we don't know. well, when it comes to clearing snow for the roads, the department of transportation and virginia has some new bells and whistles. now among them, i don't like this new stuff. a jet powered snow melter that keeps snow piles from blocking parking lots. cameras mounting on several trucks to provide information on road conditions and an improved website that tells you if plowing is underway, completed, or not yet started. >> all of our trucks will have automatic vehicle locaters. we'll know where every single truck is, where it's been, where it's going, and how things are coming along. >> that vdot website is boys and girls, that's >> you could just look out the window. >> no, it's if you haven't been plowed and you are like, am i going to get plowed in the next half an hour? you can see. >> it's the encouragement for people who are waiting. >> hey, it's coming. >> right. >> i'll be plowed soon. >> exactly. >> let's take a live look outside at our live michael and son weather cam. high temperature goes in the book
this. what you see at home sitting on the couch sometimes you can see things that coaches don't see in the game or announcers or whatever. i think he probably did have a little communication somewhere at halftime to the coaches. >> jim: second and six. he spoke to peyton yesterday on the phone. that's good for the first. and right at the 50. >> phil: there's so many options built in to this offense, it's a run play and it's a screen to the back side. he takes advantage of it. nobody is covering wes kill welker, the coverage is off he gets a blackout side by thomas. and picks up a first down. takes talent and put a really unique and awesome -- you can say that about this denver offense. >> jim: the rookie gets his first handle. and he powers ahead for four. in talking to john fox we mentioned it on "the nfl today," his first interview after being released from the hospital he talked with us also night. our whole team, you, lance, mike arnold. very good spirits, feeling really good about the recovery process. anxious to get back to denver in hopes that there's a chance he might be at
. >> to be honest, i don't pay attention. >> mayor bruce williams lowered the voting age to 16. >> when you are 16 and 17, you are much more likely to be living at home with your parents in a place that you grew up in, that you are familiar with, you are part of the community, you know some of the issues. >> fred schultz was the only decenter. >> average 16 and 17-year-old is not interested in community affairs. it's tough enough to get mature adults to pay attention to that stuff. >> in takoma park, wusa9. >> after two weeks of competition, you have crowned the winner in our frustration madness bracket over a tell and president obama comes out at the top of the list of things that frustrate those of you who voted in our web poll. we want to thank all of you who took part. >>> still to come, one of those stories that leaves you shaking your head. really? in this day and age? how this seven-year-old's mom is defending a choice of halloween costume to some. >> here are the numbers, our average high in the low 60s. we didn't make it to 60. average is 62 and 45. we'll come back and talk
don't see anything. >> verne: leon orr was a late-arriving combatant. >> gary: i think that's just normal -- >> referee: following the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, the defense, unsportsmanlike conduct, number 88 of the offense. fouls offset. second down. >> gary: just remember, if those two players get another one they'll be out of the football game so there is a consequence on the call. >> verne: second down and six. >> gary: we were talking about that gurley had been gassed but you've got to believe the georgia defense is gassed. 15 plays to three for florida in the second half. >> verne: murray. nothing. ronald powell. number seven. >> gary: it's right in the strength of the florida football team now. third-down defense. can they get a stop? this defense was built for third down. >> verne: third and six. >> gary: same defense that they scored the touchdown to gurley on. >> verne: murray has to get rid of it and is dropped by -- >> gary: he knew he was getting that rush when they gimmicked against the linebackers, he knew it was coming, he knew he had to get rid of it quickly.
fortunate to be able to do in the united states. and i don't like to miss my chance to take the opportunity. >> we stopped in hanover county at the library where it was slow at first, but the pace picked up. no real numbers there, but this race depends on voters not taking poll numbers as gospel and becoming complacent. >> i was with other people and other districts and they said their turnout was greater than expected. >> and voters came out at a higher clip in arlington county to set up a phone with them. last time there was a race for governor, they think they are going to clip 50%. we'll have all latest throughout the evening and on for now, we are live in richmond, wusa9. back to you. >> the three main candidates in virginia's governor race, of course they went out to cast their own votes. ken cuccinelli voted with his wife at brentsville high. terri mcauliffe cast his ballot at spring hill elementary, and robert is libertarian candidate went back to his alma mater for science and technology in alexandria. peggy fox is waiting for the results with the democrats in vienna
women to get vaccinated. >> finally i got the shot last year. i don't need it again. >> the flu virus changes every year. every year they make a different strain which has different protective abilities. so it's not safe to say i got it in the past, i don't need it again. it needs to be given every year. >> andrea roane, wusa9. >> the doctor says children under 5, those with diabetes and people with chronic pulmonary problems are most at risk. if you don't like the shot, the vaccine is available as a nasal spray. i got mine. >> i'm going to get mine. it does make my arm a little sore, but that's a day. >> wa, wa. >>> 73 today. it sounds ironic and kind of counterintuitive, but this warm switch in weather can give you a cold. >> i love this right here. >> that's my puzzle piece. i will be emceeing the autism speaks walk tomorrow at 10:00 on the mall between jefferson and madison. try to get there at 9:00. it starts at 10:00. it's a very easy walk. it's the no. 1 developmental disorder. families that have an autistic child spend $60,000 a year and it's only 1% of nih funding. first let'
for the philippines more than $1 million worth, but she knows it is not enough. >> don't wait for an invitation. this is a disaster, no invitation needed now. help our people. we are so helpless. >> reporter: brannigan suspects the philippine government could have done more to prepare for the storm, but now that it has left perhaps 9 million people struggling, 600,000 homeless, 10,000 dead she is pleading for more u.s. assistance, more than the marines already on the ground. >> it just is heartbreaking, mr. president. just send more help. >> reporter: the american red cross has deployed people to help coordinate shelters and feed be and assess damage. they brought along their own communications gear. >> massive destruction to the infrastructure. basic reception is not available. >> reporter: these are the kind of supplies the red cross prepositioned, blankets, cans to carry water, rice bags, kitchen pots and pans and even just shampoo so people can clean themselves up. americans love to donate clothing and canned goods, but relief experts say that is not what the victims need now. >> the bes
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9